About Scent Cosmetics

Scent Cosmetics is a start-up based in Delhi established in 2021 to produce alternatives to daily-use cosmetics organically.

Our company aims to promote various organic cosmetic products that treat your skin with a natural touch. We don’t use preservatives and artificial colours in our makeup & skincare products. Having a promise of staying 100% pure and organic, we choose raw materials which are not treated chemically. All the ingredients of Scent Cosmetics are QC passed, and laboratory tested. We not only make organic cosmetics and skincare but also work towards trading toys and stationeries. Our organization stands on the extreme level of business morals and ethics. We at Scent Cosmetics also promote and enhance women’s participation in the cosmetics production industry. 40% of the company’s workforce constitutes female staff, contributing to women’s empowerment.

Our product range is, Face hair removal, Katori wax, white chocolate aloe vera aloe vera, hair color blonder developer Brazilian wax, hair serum, body wax, hair removal powder, Chocolate powder, hair highlighting powder, pre-wax gel post wax lotion oil.

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